Oscar Mayer-Mendota Trophy

[Fifth Race of Series]

In 1942 the Oscar F. Mayer-Lake Mendota Yacht Club Trophy was presented by Mr. Oscar F. Mayer for Class X. This trophy is to be awarded to the winner of the fifth race in the annual Class regatta. It is a perpetual trophy.

[The Class X Senior fleet sailed split fleets in 1977 - 1984. The perpetual trophies were shared by the race winners in each fleet. The first winner listed beat the other in the overall standings.]

Year Name of Boat Club Skipper
1942 Sea Raider Delavan Lake Yacht Club Don Gunderson
1943 - 1945 No Race Due to War
1946 Bottoms Up II White Bear Yacht Club Jim Strong
1947 Oriole Calhoun Yacht Club David Ratcliff
1948 Calamity Jane Lake Geneva Yacht Club Jane Wiswell
1949 (This race went over time limit. No Race, Trophy returned)
1950 Oop-I-8-Too Lake Geneva Yacht Club Jim Lund
1951 Tow Head Lake Geneva Yacht Club Tom Ferris
1952 No race - No wind
1953 Gustie White Bear Yacht Club Robert Holman
1954 My Allowance Lake Geneva Yacht Club Fritz Kroeger
1955 No race - No wind
1956 Fidget White Bear Yacht Club Harvey Mills
1957 Huff’n Puff Cedar Lake Yacht Club Tom Bauman
1958 No race - Rain
1959 Topsy Turvy Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Jeff Erwin
1960 Topsy Turvy Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Jeff Erwin
1961 Blue Streak Minnetonka Yacht Club Kenneth D. Brown
1962 Will-E-Go Pewaukee Yacht Club Will Perrigo
1963 No race - No wind
1964 Nautilus Pine Lake Yacht Club Eric Sternkopf
1965 Crusader Calhoun Yacht Club Bruce Reiter
1966 We Try Pewaukee Yacht Club Tom Frank
1967 Nuff’s Luff Minnetonka yacht Club Bob Nuffort, Jr.
1968 Polliwog Cedar Lake Yacht Club Mike Butz
1969 Who Cares Pewaukee Yacht Club Tom Sweitzer
1970 G.J.D. Minnetonka Yacht Club David Gluek
1971 “X”-Plorer Minnetonka Yacht Club Tom Burton
1972 Bottoms Up, Jr. Delavan Yacht Club Paul Roesler
1973 We-Ketch-Um Nagawicka Yacht Club Steve Pfeil
1974 Peguin White Bear Yacht Club John Redpath
1975 We-Ketch-Um Nagawicka Yacht Club Larry Pfeil
1976 No race - No wind
1977 Sonavagun II Cedar Lake Yacht Club Jeff Baldus
1977 Tews Day II Cedar Lake Yacht Club Cynthia Tews
1978 Klementine Lake Beulah Yacht Club Dan Klement
1978 Bee Sting I Lake Beulah Yacht Club Jim Berman
1979 No Race
1980 Snark III Pewaukee Yacht Club John Brigden
1980 X-tinct Pewaukee Yacht Club Pat Miller
1981 Brass Tacks II Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Peggy Weix
1981 Snafu Cedar Lake Yacht Club Kwinn Klug
1982 Stormin’ Pewaukee Yacht Club Andy Burdick
1982 Tomikaze Pewaukee Yacht Club Tom Frentzel
1983 No race - No wind
1984 ELAD Pewaukee Yacht Club Scott Dale
1984 Go-For Pewaukee Yacht Club Bob Schieble
1985 No race - No wind
1986 GOJO Pine Lake Yacht Club Jojo Gehl
1987 Chris Go Cedar Lake Yacht Club Chris Liber
1988 Double Vision Minnetonka Yacht Club Chad Shannon
1989 Trade Winds Cedar Lake yacht Club Jeff Kletti
1990 Puffer Too Minnetonka Yacht Club Kevin Jewett
1991 Tactics Pine Lake Yacht Club Jim Barkow
1992 Winds of War Delavan Lake Yacht Club Chris Hulls
1993 Bard's Barge Lake Geneva Yacht Club Steven Zils
1994 Shut Out Calhoun Yacht Club Mike Woldum
1995 No race - No wind
1996 The Edge Clear Lake (Iowa) Yacht Club Thomas Zanios
1997 No race - No wind
1998 No race - No wind
1999 Wide Open Lake Geneva Yacht Club Vincent Porter
2000 Ceylon Pewaukee Yacht Club Victoria Meyers
2001 Race Abandoned - Storm Warnings
2002 Full Throttle Lake Geneva Yacht Club Bri Porter
2003 No race
2004 Hat Trick Clear Lake Yacht Club Nathan Kotz
2005 Wide Open Lake Geneva Yacht Club Clifford Porter
2006 Maverick Minnetonka Yacht Club David Carlson
2007 Rasta Rocket Lake Beulah Yacht Club George Kutschenreuter
2008 Rasta Rocket Lake Beulah Yacht Club George Kutschenreuter
2009 Klementine VII Lake Beulah Yacht Club Kate Klement
2010 No Race -- No Wind
2011 Hi Mom Pewaukee Yacht Club Will Duchow
2012 Full Throttle Lake Geneva Yacht Club RJ Porter
2013 Double Trouble Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Brady Carlson
2014 Twizzler White Bear Yacht Club Kate Cox
2015 Volare Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club Henry Chapman
2016 Shimmer Lake Geneva Yacht Club Harry Melges IV
2017 Penguin Delavan Lake Yacht Club Nathan Hetzler
2018 Shezawix Cedar Lake Yacht Club Lindsey Vollmar
2019 Little PC Pewaukee Yacht Club Ella Schieble