Lake Geneva Yacht Club

[Fourth Race of Series]

This trophy was donated by the Lake Geneva Yacht Club in 1951 for Class X and is to be awarded to the winner of the Fourth Race in the Annual Class X Regatta. This is a perpetual trophy.

[The Class X Senior fleet sailed split fleets in 1977 - 1984. The perpetual trophies were shared by the race winners in each fleet. The first winner listed beat the other in the overall standings.]

Year Name of Boat Club Skipper
1951 Oop-I-8-Too Lake Geneva Yacht Club Jim Lund
1952 Us Too Lake Geneva Yacht Club John Anderson
1953 No race - No wind
1954 My Allowance Lake Geneva Yacht Club Fritz Kroeger
1955 Invictus Lake Geneva Yacht Club Chuck Anderson
1956 Two Sisters Beaver Lake Yacht Club Karen Kutchera
1957 Gotta-Go Pine Lake Yacht Club Nancy Kyle
1958 4 to 1 Pewaukee Yacht Club Carl Zinn
1959 Octopus Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Terry Erwin
1960 We Try Too Pewaukee Yacht Club Ricky Frank
1961 Father’s Folly Cedar Lake Yacht Club Jerry McCabe
1962 Driftwood Pewaukee Yacht Club Michael Sanger
1963 Tagalong Mendota Yacht Club John Beck
1964 Dad’s Delight Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Sharon Jacobi
1965 No race - Too much wind
1966 Mom’s Mink Lake Beulah Yacht Club Will Norris
1967 No race - Abandoned
1968 Bond’s Bentley Beaver Lake Yacht Club Tom Calvy
1969 Two’s Trouble? Nagawicka Yacht Club Steve Coleman
1970 G.J.D. Minnetonka Yacht Club David Gluek
1971 “X”-Plorer Minnetonka Yacht Club Tom Burton
1972 We-Ketch-Um Nagawicka Yacht Club Steve Pfeil
1973 Checkmate Lake Geneva Yacht Club Chuck Lamphere
1974 Nautilus II Lake Beulah Yacht Club Rick Kent
1975 Dynamite Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Dianne Gallo
1976 Can’t Be B-Ten Lake Beulah Yacht Club Scott Hudson
1977 Ipmdofd Pewaukee Yacht Club John Wild
1977 Super Fry Lake Geneva Yacht Club Tom Freytag
1978 Ripe Banana Cedar Lake Yacht Club Chad Sprinkman
1978 Klementine Lake Beulah Yacht Club Dan Klement
1979 Bouy Banger Pewaukee Yacht Club Bob Frentzel
1979 We-Ketch-Um Nagawicka Yacht Club Mike Pfeil
1980 Lucky Eddie Cedar Lake Yacht Club Ed Eckert
1980 The Sting Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Jay Gentle
1981 X-Caliber Pewaukee Yacht Club Jim Pope
1981 Tacky Lake Beulah Yacht Club Joe Byrnes
1982 SS Skut-But Lake Beulah Yacht Club Joe Skotarzak
1982 Tacky Lake Beulah Yacht Club Joe Byrnes
1983 No race - No wind
1984 Oh Brother! Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Chad Kilander
1984 Island Fun Minnetonka Yacht Club Brett Adams
1985 No race - No wind
1986 Mickey Mouse Minnetonka Yacht Club Mark Sigel
1987 No Pain-No Gain Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Dan Keck
1988 Gutsy Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club Jane MacDougall
1989 Fast Option Pewaukee Yacht Club Joe Boland
1990 X-Cel Minnetonka Yacht Club Chris Jewett
1991 Tactics Pine Lake Yacht Club Jim Barkow
1992 Boomer Cedar Lake Yacht Club Danny Tews
1993 Storm Front Pine Lake Yacht Club Jeff Surles
1994 White Hot Minnetonka Yacht Club Dan Wattson
1995 Zenda Express Lake Geneva Yacht Club Justin Hood
1996 Rampage Upper Lake Minnetonka Y.C. Jill Sink
1997 Wha-Hoppen Minnetonka Yacht Club Eric Oppen
1998 Wide Open Lake Geneva Yacht Club Vincent Porter
1999 Mistral Minnetonka Yacht Club Patrick Baskerville
2000 Defender Lake Geneva Yacht Club Andy Labanauskas
2001 Rock-it Ship Cedar Lake Yacht Club Patti Schmidt
2002 Baby Beluga Pine Lake Yacht Club Sara Maas
2003 Full Throttle Lake Geneva Yacht Club Bri Porter
2004 B4U Lake Beulah Yacht Club Daniel Barth
2005 Lord of the Dings Lake Geneva Yacht Club Gordon Lamphere
2006 Red Stripe Pewaukee yacht Club Alex DeGuire
2007 Buckshot Beaver Lake Yacht Club Chris Banholzer
2008 Full Throttle Lake Geneva Yacht Club Davis Porter
2009 Klementine VII Lake Beulah Yacht Club Kate Klement
2010 No Race -- No Wind
2011 No Xcuses White Bear Yacht Club Will Crary
2012 Chuckwagon Lake Beulah Yacht Club Charlie Kutschenreuter
2013 Double Trouble Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Brady Carlson
2014 Air Bender Cedar Lake Yacht Club DJ Jaessing
2015 Route 66 Pewaukee yacht Club Christian Spencer
2016 Menace Lake Geneva Yacht Club Henry Rolander
2017 5 Star Lake Geneva Yacht Club Kyle Navin
2018 All-In Lake Geneva Yacht Club Chapman Petersen
2019 Send It Minnetonka Yacht Club Max Sigel

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