Lac LaBelle Yacht Club

[Fifth Race of the Series]

This trophy was presented by the Lac LaBelle Yacht Club in 1970 to be awarded to the winner of the fifth race in the annual Class X Junior Fleet Regatta. This is a perpetual trophy.

Year Name of Boat Club Skipper
1968 Pudlet Minnetonka Yacht Club Jeff Davis
1969 No race - No wind
1970 “X”-Plorer Minnetonka Yacht Club Tom Burton
1971 Lil Belmo Cedar Lake Yacht Club Bruce Rosenheimer
1972 Short Circuit Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Dave Gallo
1973 Snark II Lake Beulah Yacht Club Dave Gallo
1974 Can’t Be-B Ten II Lake Beulah Yacht Club  
1975 No race - No wind
1976 No race - No wind
1977 Commanche Pine Lake Yacht Club Barbie Kotovic
1978 No race - No wind
1979 Boomerang II Lac LaBelle Yacht Club David Harris
1980 Tomikazi Pewaukee Yacht Club Tom Frentzel
1981 No race - No wind
1982 Gun Shy Cedar Lake Yacht Club Mike Darrow
1983 No race - No wind
1984 Salty Pewaukee Yacht Club Chuck Schwarting
1985 Pete’ll Catch Ya Lake Beulah Yacht Club Peter Katcha
1986 Go For It! Cedar Lake Yacht Club Joe Curtes
1987 2 for Sail Lake Beulah Yacht Club Matt Grubis
1988 From Concentrate Pewaukee Yacht Club Michael Bachman
1989 Wind Fox Minnetonka Yacht Club David Strothman
1990 Auf Bald Minnetonka Yacht Club Peter Strothman
1991 Sequel Pine Lake Yacht Club Augie Barkow
1992 Old Boat Pewaukee Yacht Club Sean Sternkopf
1993 Zenda Express Lake Geneva Yacht Club Justin Hood
1994 Time X Upper Lake Minnetonka Jesse Cote
1995 No race - No wind
1996 Stormin Jr. Lake Geneva Yacht Club Iggy Labanauskas
1997 No race - No wind
1998 No race - No wind
1999 Shmatz Lake Geneva Yacht Club Brian Porter
2000 IgoFast White Bear Yacht Club Charlie Igo
2001 Race Abandoned - Storm Warnings
2002 White Cap Lake Geneva Yacht Club Gordy Lamphere
2003 B-4-U Lake Beulah Yacht Club Daniel Barth
2004 Eudemonia Lac LaBelle Yacht Club Christopher Wean
2005 Firecracker Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club Ryan Grosch
2006 Magic Minnetonka Yacht Club Robbie Allen
2007 Backdraft Lake Geneva Yacht Club Charlie Morris
2008 Bar-B-Que Lake Beulah Yacht Club Michel Barr
2009 Hamma Tine Lake Beulah Yacht Club Mary Claire Kiernan
2010 No race- no wind
2011 Chuck Wagon Lake Beulah Yacht Club Charlie Kutschenreuter
2012 Peeps Pewaukee Yacht Club JP Friend
2013 Land Shark Pewaukee Yacht Club Joey Biwer
2014 Shimmer Lake Geneva Yacht Club Harry Melges IV
2015 Shimmer Lake Geneva Yacht Club Harry Melges IV
2016 Not Too Shabby Cedar Lake Yacht Club Abby Eckert
2017 Xackley Pine Lake Yacht Club Suzanne Ackley
2018 Simonized Pewaukee Yacht Club Fritz Simon