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It was great to be back on Nagawicka for the 2019 WYA X Regatta this year as their legendary hospitality and friendliness were on display again. Co-Chairs- Peter Keck and Craig Heinze (And for sure their wives!) did an outstanding job controlling costs, providing great lunches and dinners and a great party atmosphere. Well done to the entire NLYC membership!

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With these finishes the 2019 X WYA Champions were the OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Owen Betrand. At the trophy presentation Sean noted that you need to really enjoy these times as you never know when they will come again. They sailed a great regatta and are very deserving champions.

Rounding out the top six who received their Blue Chip invites were the following:
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2. V-61 Charlie Allen & Will Utz

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3. V-213 Fritz Simon & Megan Isabell
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4. V-10 Cole Schweda & Adam Biwer
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5. A-17 Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmar
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6. OO-144 Jackson Walker & Paxton Denton 

Full Results:

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V-10 Cole Schweda and Adam Biwer take Race 1.  V-213 Fritz Simon and Megan Isabell take Race 2.

Charlie Allen and Will Utz, sailing V-61 lead the trio by one point after day 1.



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Kamron Kaiser & Peter Wilkinson win 2019 Oshkosh Xtreme Regatta

As we head into the heart of the X boat regatta season our next stop was the very fun Oshkosh Xtreme, held at the Waters. Storms arrived not long after all the X boats were set up, but they cleared quickly after a short onshore postponement. The water and wind of Winnebago did not disappoin. After the storms the wind built to 12-15mph out of the southwest with waves increasing.

On a big lake, after the start, the fleet tends to spread out to each side of the course as you are not always sure which side will work out. B-99 Augie Jarecki and Alex Mueller played the right to grab the lead. V-99 Kamron Kaiser & Peter Wilkinson were second, I-35 Jared & Joey Plummer were 3rd and these 3 finished in exactly this position. Many others were moving around but I-45 Finn Burdick & Colton Hibbard finished 4th and OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Quinn O’Dell finished 5th.

The winds built as did the waves for the second race. The right side was favored and many tacked off the line to get there. I-35 Plummer’s worked it best to grab the lead and held on for the win. At the first weather mark and then at the windward mark the rest of the top 5 changed. The last leg to windward, V-99 Kaiser & Wilkinson battled with OO-144 Jackson Walker & Paxton Denton as the OO-144 worked to starboard of V-99. The V-99 had to tack to port for the final time to make the line but the OO-144 was on starboard and V-99 was hit with a big puff and could not avoid the OO-144 and a small collision occurred. The V-99 quickly did their penalty turns and still finished in 9th. Jackson and Paxton finished 2nd with A-25 Austin & Max Barkow grabbing 3rd. I-45 Burdick & Hibbard were 4th with X-41 Jack Steiner & Alec Harned in 5th. The race committee had a bit of time as the fleet was so spread out. They waited for everyone to return to the starting area. The wind was building and the waves were really building as they reached the limits and called the racing for the day.
The fleet was really tight but our overnight leaders were Jared & Joey Plummer.

Tuesday morning started with nice breeze but the forecast was to go down as the day progressed. V-61 Charlie Allen & Will Utz grabbed the lead from the right side as most of the port side boats misjudged the layline and were reaching into the mark but gave up a lot of distance. V-99 Kaiser & Wilkinson along with I-35 Plummer’s and B-11 Jonah Boykin & Callie Smith following closely. As they reached the leeward gate, V-61 Allen & Utz went to the left gate and started up the starboard side of the course. V-99 worked the middle of the course always sailing on a lift. B-11 Boykin & Smith worked to get past the V-61 as he kept working the right side but all the wind was coming from the left. The I-35 worked farthest to the left as B-11 & V-99 worked middle to left side to grab the lead. They saw the I-35 coming from the left so they both tacked early to sail to the starboard end of the finish. V-99 was slightly out front as the B-11 was to windward of V-99. The V-99 was out enough to tack at the line as B-11 also had to tack. They drag raced to the finish and V-99 Kaiser & Wilkinson won a close race with B-11 Boykin & Smith in second. More to come on this finish later. I-35 Plummer’s were third with A-136 Abbey Eckert & Alison Heimsch in 4th. D-51 Ian McClenathan & Anna Clair were 5th followed by V-10 Cole Schweda & Adam Biwer in 6th.

The wind was dying but still enough to start race four as this was going to be the last race of the day. The V-10 was reaching down the line on port from the port as the gun signaled the start and shot out over the fleet. He worked to get to the ride side of the course while staying on top of the fleet. Schweda & Biwer rounded first followed by X-2 Jacob Zaiser & Chris Horn and OO-747 Mihelich & O’Dell and X-13 Suzanne Ackley & Molly Hostetler. As the wind was dying they worked to the leeward gate with V-10 Schweda & Biwer leading the way to the left gate and quickly getting on the lifted tack up the lake. X-2 & OO-747 split gates as the OO-747 went to the left side of the course hoping to gain on a lefty but to no avail. V-10 worked the right side as X-13 matched tacks underneath the V-10 as the two separated from the fleet. They continued to sail up the lake and the X-13 was able to get left of the V-10 a couple times but the V-10 tacked safe leeward and was able to stay out in front. As they reached the final 50 feet to the finish the X-13 was able to get one more puff and force the V-10 to tack early and hope for one more righty. In the end the X-13 Ackley & Hostetler pushed out front to win the race. This was their last X boat regatta race as Suzanne will not be sailing anymore regattas this year. V-10 Schweda and Biwer were second and won the day with 8 points. The V-10 was 8th overall going into this race and they would move up as everyone was shuffling around on the course. D-51 McClenath & Clair were 3rd to match the V-10’s 8 points for the day. Local favorite J-13 Grace Toney & Kate Lynn were 4th and OO-747 Mihelich & O’Dell fought hard back to 5th with I-45 Burdick & Hibbard finishing 6th. One boat that was clearly on his game was the V-99 as they finished 14th to grab the overall title. But as I stated earlier the finish of race three had more to the story as the B-11 Boykin & Smith were protesting the V-99 Kaiser & Wilkinson for tacking too close at the finish of race three. The protest committee heard the protest as the rest of us put our boats away only to not find any fault of the V-99.

And then the trophy presentation started as V-99 Kamron Kaiser & Peter Wilkinson are your 2019 Champions as there were very consistent (their worst race was 14th). These two sailed very impressively and are very mature as they are still in the Junior fleet.
We are now onto the Wisconsin Yachting Association Championships on Nagawicka this weekend.

Rounding out the top five for the Xtreme Regatta who all received their Blue Chip invites were the following:

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1. V-99 Kamron Kaiser & Peter Wilkinson 26pts

2nd and third
2. I-45 Finn Burdick & Colton Hibbard 40pts
3. V-10 Cole Schweda & Adam Biwer 41pts.

4th and 5th
4. D-51 Ian McClenathan & Anna Clair 43pts
5. OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Quinn O’Dell 45pts


Full Results


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Chapman Petersen & Jack Plummer win the challenging GLSS

The Geneva Lake Sailing School regatta has always been known as one of the toughest X boats events of each year. This year’s event did not disappoint as this regatta was a major league pitcher throwing you an 80mph curveball that just buckles you at the knees as you can’t even swing it is so nasty. Geneva was just like that pitch as the mental part of this regatta took its toll on all sailors, even this years champion. He stated that this was one of his toughest regattas he has sailed not only with the tough competition, but Geneva was throwing that nasty curveball of light winds both days. The middle was brutal to cross and getting to a corner was hard and difficult to see if your side would actually fill in to lead you to the front. The X boaters were tested again and again.
With that said, there was still some racing as the race committee was also challenged. The first race was started in 5 mph, but it was scattered and dying. As the fleet sailed their second upwind leg, they abandoned the race to a huge cheer from the sailors. They were then sent in for lunch to see if the wind would rebuild and possibly give us some racing in the afternoon.

After lunch the wind started to build only to stay below the normal 5mph minimum wind speed. They had the kids on the water as they waited for wind which finally filled in. They started the race and both corners looked good but finally the left filled and a familiar face was leading the way with I-25 Chapman Petersen and Jack Plummer in first and I-77 Jakob Zils and Lukas Valasek closely behind. The I-25 did enough to cover and keep them behind him as they extended to grab the first win of the regatta. I-77 was second but a bunch of different boats were in the top five at one time or another. M-9 Lauren & Stella Strothman finished 3rd with A-5 Brittany Shabino & Jakob Eckert finishing 4th. X-41 Jack Steiner & Alec Harned in 5th with V-10 Cole Schweda & Anna Lieber in 6th and A-17 Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmar in 7th.

The race committee quickly set up for another race as the conditions were getting more difficult. This race we had all new people in the front with I-3 Matthew & Ryan Schloemer gaining a great starboard that led them to the first mark in the lead. I-35 Jared Plummer and Bo Strothman were closely in 2nd as the winds got shifty and the I-35 grabbed the lead to gain the 2nd win of the regatta with I-3 in 2nd. A-136 Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch in 3rd and A-5 Shabino & Eckert again in 4th as they grabbed the overnight lead. V-61 Charlie Allen & Will Utz were 5th with X-2 Jacob Zaiser & Chris Horn in 6th and A-13 Charlie Eckert & Carson Boemer in 7th. The standings were jumbled up as most had a good and a bad race except for the A-5, X-41 and A-13 but more racing was to come.

On Tuesday morning, after a short wait to let the wind settle out of the south, they finally got a race started. The B-20 Brian Zettlemoyer & Matthew Ward took the early lead coming from the left side of the course with X-2 Zaiser & Horn following as many others chased them. But on the last leg two boats worked hard right of the leaders and these two were the A-17 Vollmar girls and I-25 Petersen & Plummer. The wind filled nicely from the right and these two were in an all out drag race to the finish as I-25 would earn a hard fought win by a mere few feet. A-136 A. Eckert & Heimsch would finish 3rd and OO-144 Jackson Walker & Paxton Denton in 4th. D-30 Graham Hetzler & Macy McClenathan finished 5th with OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Quinn O'Dell in 6th.

The last race of the regatta started immediately after the first with V-61 Allen & Utz grabbing the early lead to be followed by M-9 Strothman girls in second. These two swapped the lead for most for the race as it was great to see all the Minnetonka boats and especially the Strothman family back in the X fleet. V-61 Allen & Utz worked hard to get by the girls for the win and the M-9 in 2nd. B-20 Zettlemoyer & Ward in 3rd and another Minnetonka boat in the front with M-88 Max Segal & John Kotovic in 4th. I-45 Finn Burdick & Colton Hibbard in 5th with A-25 Austin & Max Barkow in 6th. Now the race was on for the regatta win as I-25 was 8th and the A-136 was 14th which tied to two for the title but with Chapman & Jack’s two bullets they won the tie breaker to win their first GLSS championship that he has worked hard to gain. Chapman noted in his speech that this regatta always had what he thought was the toughest competition and then when Geneva threw all these shifts at all of us it made it even tougher. You could tell during his speech that he was tired and mentally challenged but extremely excited to win this title.
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Here are the full results:

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Final results. Click the image to view the entire fleet's resuts at Clubspot.


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Quad winners at Cedar LakeYacht Club -- X-31- Henry Ackley and Grayson Bruss

DSC 2624DSC 2617DSC 2613DSC 2609


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V-10 Cole Schweda & Adam Biwer / Stu Niedziela Win 2019 Senior TRAP  -- V-61 Charlie Allemn & Will Utz Win Junior TRAP

The 2019 TRAP, the training regatta at Pine was led this year by head instructor Will Huerth from Lake Geneva. He is very vocal and a great cheerleader for all the kids. He led them in a chalk talk and introduced all the other instructors along with their X boat names. They then set out to sail some races, with on water training for all the kids.

The wind was out of the west and with a few different kids looking to grab the lead, X-4 Ellie Harned & Austin Steiner, moved to the front but the fleet was changing as the shifts of Pine were showing themselves. V-10 Cole Schweda & Adam Biwer were playing the shifts perfectly and near the end were right on Ellie & Austin’s tail. X-4 Harned & Steiner took the first race of the regatta with V-10 Schweda & Biwer in second. V-213 Fritz Simon & Megan Isabell were 3rd and A-17 Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmer were 4th. OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Quinn O’Day were 5th. Winds were shifty as always on Pine and boat placement was changing throughout the race.

The fleet immediately returned to the starting line and the race committee was able to get the second race off. V-213 Simon & Isabell started at the starboard boat and quickly tacked out, working the right side of the course, which gave them an early lead. They did not look back and took the bullet. X-13 Suzanne Ackley & Molly Hostetler battled with A-5 Brittany Shabino & Jakob Eckert and OO-144 Jackson Walker & Paxton Denton to take 2nd. A-5 Shabino & Eckert followed in 3rd and OO-144 Walker & Denton in 4th. V-61 Charlie Allen & Will Utz were 5th. V-10 Schweda & Stu Niedziela were 6th and X-4 Harned & Steiner in 7th.

Unfortunately, as race three started, the wind did not build as forecasted and continued to be light and shifty. The sailors had to pay attention and stay in the wind and on the correct side of the shift. Race three was very light and the fleet separated quickly. V-31 Ella Schieble & Ella Walker were the far left boat as the wind filled from the left and were off and running. The lift took a bit to build but when it did the girls were gone and walked away with a big win. V-61 Allen & Utz fought to 2nd as they sailed a very impressive last leg. A-13 Charlie Eckert & Carson Boemer were 3rd with A-52 Erin Shabino & Ava Kirk in 4th and B-8 Lucas Clayton & Molly Pluess in 5th. V-10 Schweda & Niedziela followed in 6th and X-4 Harned & Steiner in 9th as these two were tied going into the race.

The RC tried for a 4th race after lunch but the skies darkened, and the race committee saw lighting and abandoned the race. The radar didn’t look good so the RC called the racing for the day. V-61 Allen & Utz were leading as they were tied with V-10 Schweda & Biwer/ Niedziela with X -4 Harned & Steiner in 3rd only 3 points behind.

Day 2 started with NO WIND as the lake was glass. Will again assembled his great coaches for the kids to be coached in small groups with all different topics. Will jumped from group to group to add to the discussions. It was a great learning experience and this is what this regatta is all the young sailors.

After an early lunch, the wind started to build but was struggling to stay in one direction and stay above the minimums. All the boats went out and after one abandonment the RC started a race. It was a crazy race as the A-17 Vollmer girls grabbed the early lead and most of the fleet on the next upwind worked to the left only to have a big right hand shift come in. The boats on the left could not get back to the finish line. It looked like several boats had a chance to win the race but A-5 Shabino & Eckert sailed the shift perfectly to grab the win. From there the fleet was changing so fast as they got closer to the finish. E-80 Myla Unterweger & Quinn Sondrol were 2nd followed by A-136 Abbey Eckert & Allison Heimsch in 3rd and X-41 Jack Steiner & Alec Harned in 4th. V-95 John Lieber & Nora Laus rounded out the top five. As you can see most of the leaders were fighting for every shift to get to the finish line and try to win the regatta. V-31 Schieble & Walker were the first of the leaders to finish in 12th. Then sailing the right shift up the lake perfectly was V-10 Schweda & Niedziela who came from the back and finished 15th. X-4 Harned & Steiner followed in 16th. V-61 Allen & Utz were caught on the left to work towards the finish line to end up 21st. This shook up the standings as the wind completely died. Will and the PRO Mark Prange decided that we did not have enough wind to continue and called the event.

After all the scores were tallied,  we had a new TRAP Champion in V-10 Schweda & Biwer/ Niedziela. X-4 Harned & Steiner in 2nd with V-31 Schieble & Walker moving up to 3rd. In 4th was V-61 Allen & Utz who won the junior championship for the 2019 Trap regatta. A-5 Shabino & Eckert rounded out the top five as these five were the most consistent in the toughest conditions.
Will handed out the sportsmanship trophy for 2019 to X-2 Jacob Zaiser & Chris Horn for doing a 720 penalty in almost no air. They knew they had to do spins and did, which was the gentleman’s way we all should sail.
BIG THANKS go out to Ted Rolfs & Liesl Ackley and all their volunteers from Pine for hosting this great event and the Boucher family for hosting the event at their house. TRAP is over now, on to the Dingyfest at Geneva.

Irwin R. Fletcher

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