2018 X-Boat Blue Chip

The 2018 X Blue Chip is in the books as this season has gone by too quickly. The best of the best from this past year sailed and continued Cedar Lake Yacht Club’s tradition of hosting this time honored event. All competitors had to qualify by having success at the earlier 2018 regattas.

Friday started out with a decent amount of wind of 8-10mph, considering the wind for the rest of the races would never go higher than maybe 5-6mph. The race finally started and you could clearly see a few boats over the starting line. The individual recall flag went up, but only one boat went back as the rest of them sailed on. V61 Charlie Allen and Megan Isabell were battling it out with A136 Abbey Eckert and Allison Heimsch, but she learned that she was OCS so Charlie and Megan were given first place. I45 Finn Burdick and Finn Gerard and A25 Austin & Max Jaessing were 2nd and 3rd followed by V10 Cole Schweda and David Kiss in 4th and V213 Meta & Fritz Simon in 5th. After trying for another start in conditions working under the minimum, the race committee sent the kids in for lunch.
The conditions improved while were we all in for lunch and gave the race committee optimism for afternoon racing. Unfortunately, once we all came out on the water the wind was no better and maybe a bit worse than the morning. The RC started a race and V99 Kameron Kaiser and Peter Wilkinson grabbed the early lead as V61 Allen & Isabell were battling right behind the leader with A136 Eckert & Heimsch. At some point during the leg all three of them had the lead for a short time and had now separated from the rest of the fleet. V61 Allen & Isabell finally grabbed hold of the lead to secure his second race win of the regatta. V99 Kaiser & Wilkinson were able to hold onto 2nd and A136 Eckert and Heimsch were 3rd. The next race was for 4th place as J60 Abe Weston & Levi Morris grabbed it followed by X4 Ellie Harned & Mya Burdick in 5th.
As many thought that might be it for racing, the RC had other ideas and started the 3rd race of the day for the fleet. A136 Eckert & Heimsch along with V213 Simons were battling this race out as the conditions were challenging. V88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner and V61 Allen & Isabell were lurking right behind them as anything can happen on Cedar. A136 grabbed the lead again and went on for the win. V213 Meta & Fritz finished in 2nd with V88 Spencer & Steiner in 3rd followed by V61 Allen & Isabell. D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler rounded out the top 5.
The day finally ended and after a short break the big party was set to begin. The kids have a party on the main level and the parents have a party upstairs in the bar and deck area. It is a great time to catch up with old and new friends. The kids party included a young band, volleyball and hanging out with new and old friends that they will learn over the years could be their friends for life.
Saturday morning greeted us to glass-like conditions as we went into postponement but after a while some puffs began to fill the lake. The race committee decided to go out and check the conditions. They quickly asked the fleet to come out and they went up the lake to the north as the wind seemed to be building. But as always Cedar lake likes to show us her might and give us wind and then take all the wind away and then juggle up the fleet and start over again.
V61 Allen & Isabell had an large 14 point overnight lead and all eyes would be on him to see how he can handle this situation. He is a junior sailor who still has another year in the junior fleet but he has gotten better with every regatta this team has sailed. A-136 Eckert & Heimsch got out in front early and then took off as there was no question who was going to win this race. But the rest of the fleet was all over the place as positions were changing constantly. It was hard to hold down a leading position with as stated the wind coming up and then going to nothing and shifting all around. The top five besides the leader were changing about every 10 seconds. The fleet would group together and then would separate as the RC called for a longer race because of the timing and the fact they would only get one race in on the final day. V61 Allen and Isabell started the race in the back but the V213 Simons and V88 Spencer & Steiner were no better than in the middle of the fleet. In the middle of the race V61 was able to gain on the fleet and get past the V213 and into the top 10. V88 was also moving up as he was fighting to get into the top 5. The rest of the top 5 were great sailors who were struggling in other races with the shifty winds of Cedar. A136 Eckert & Heimsch easily won the race as these two had an awesome regatta with 2 firsts and a 3rd to go with their OCS. Even with the OSC they would be in the top five overall. As the rest of the fleet were approaching the finish the next two boats were on track for a photo finish. A17 Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmar just edging out I45 Burdick & Gerard for second place. B99 Augie Jarecki & Alex Mueller were 4th with V19 Quinn Kaiser & John Lieber grabbing 5th. The rest of the fleet was finishing very closely together as the regatta would be concluding. V61 Allen & Isabell worked their way up to 9th to easily win the regatta but V88 Spencer & Steiner would finish 7th and move up in the overall standings to 2nd.

Overall Standings:
1. V61 Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell
2. V88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner
3. A25 Austin & Max Jaessing
4. D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler
5. A136 Abbey Eckert & Allison Heimsch

1st - V61 Charlie Allen and Megan Isabell                                  2nd V66 Sam Spencer and Austin Steiner                 3rd A25 Austin Jaessing and Max Jaessing

4th D30 Nathan and Graham Hetzler                                           5th Abby Eckert and Allison Heimsch