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2018 X-Boat Senior Fleet Results


2018 WYA X-Boat Regatta - hosted by Cedar Lake Yacht Club

Cedar Lake Yacht Club welcomed us all to the WYA regatta, but Mother Nature gave us a shifty northerly breeze with consistent race showers during both days. The race committee was able to get 3 races off on Saturday and 1 race on Sunday.
Race one the fleet started after a general recall. On the next start V-115 Gloria Tornehl & Adam Biwer port tacked the fleet to grab the early lead. While Gloria controlled the first half of the leg, the fleet raced to both sides of the lake and it seemed that the right side was the side to be on as A-136 Abbey Eckert & Allison Heimsch took the lead and won the race. V61 Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell were second followed by D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler. After V-115 Gloria Tornehl’s port tack and great sailing to an 8th place finish in race 1, we learned she was in pain most of the race with her back bothering her. We hope she is better and can sail the Inland.
The wind was building, but so was the rain for race 2 as the leaders were changing over and the last 100 yards were the most exciting. V-88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner were looking good for the win, but V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon were charging fast after sailing through the fleet with X-8 Luca Marban & Alec Harned closely behind. V-88 came from the right side and V-213 came from the left side closing in at the finish line. The V-88 won the race by a nose as this was about as close as it can get. It was a great job by the three contending boats to finish this closely as all the parents watched on.
After lunch with some very strong puffs coming across the lake, we started race three. V61 Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell grabbed the lead and seemed to be in total control until the last leg when V-511 Red Tornehl & Grayson Bruss sailed beautifully through the fleet and were gaining on V-61. But in the end Allen & Isabel were clearly sailing well and finished strong by hitting all the right shifts to win the race. V-511 was second and A-25 Austin & Max Jaessing gaining lots of ground to finish a close 3rd.
The rain continued to build and unfortunately not everybody struck around for the after race festivities. V-61 Allen & Isabell were leading, tied with D-30 Hetzlers and many boats very close to them.
Sunday saw cloudy skies, but another northerly wind direction which allowed the race committee to use the long part of the lake and stretch out the course. The wind seemed to be favoring the port end as V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon came of this end and then sailed every shift perfectly to open up a big lead. The next ten boats were all over each other as it was hard to tell who was going to be where. V-88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner grabbed second early and continued on to finish there. A-136 Abbey Eckert & Allison Heimsch were 3rd followed by V-511 Red Tornehl & Grayson Bruss and V-31 Ella Schieble & Carly Kiss grabbing fifth.
After Meta & Fritz’s consistent & dominant performance was plenty to win their second consecutive WYA Championship. The rest of the fleet was very close point wise as these were the top ten.
2. V-88 Spencer & Steiner 30pts
3. OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Tanner Hetherington 30pts
4. X-4 Ellie Harned & Molly Hostetler 31pts
5. V61 Allen & Isabell 32pts
6. A-25 Austin & Max Jaessing 32pts
7. A-136 Eckert & Heimsch 36pts
8. D-30 Hetzler’s 40pts
9. B-7 Annie Cate Schmidt & Anneliese LeRoy 44pts
10. V-511 R.Tornehl & Bruss 45pts.

V-213 Simonized Meta & Fritz Simon 2018 WYA X-Boat Champions

Screen Shot 2018 07 23 at 7.57.00 AM

Screen Shot 2018 07 23 at 7.49.20 AM

Full Results Here 

OshKosh X-Treme - Girls Run the World!
ellie harned and Annie rowe
X-4 Windohover - Ellie Harned and Annie Rowe take X-Treme Honors
schmidt xtreme
B-7 Little Schmidt - Annie Cate Schmidt & Anneliese LeRoy take second

Full Results Here

GLSS 2018 - Simonized Waxes Competition
IMG 0077

Bolstered by two race wins, V-213 - Simonized - Fritz and Meta Simon take first place.

IMG 0075
V-88 - Haulin' Donkey Sam Spencer and Austin Steiner stay strong after TRAP win and pull out 2nd place.

IMG 0074

Home lake phenom I-45 - All In - Chapman Petersen & Jake Plummer win the final race and take 3rd.

Full GLSS Results

QUADS - LBYC 2018 - A-136 - Not Too Sh-Abby can't overcome Little Schmidt
IMG 4709
Full Results

IMG 0536
V-88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner GO BACK-TO-BACK at TRAP

For the second straight year, V88, Sam Spencer and Austin Steiner, have bested the 59 boat fleet to win the TRAP. Team Haulin’ Donkey was very consistent. In the first six races their worst race was an 8th. This pretty much assured them of the win as they sailed the final race of the event, which turned out to be their throwout.

The Training Regatta at Pine has and will continue to be a training and coaching regatta focused on helping kids to improve their skills. This year the Head Coach was Ed Eckert from Cedar Lake. This former X ILYA Champion had a great group of young instructors to help. Racing was held in light wind for the two days and storms surrounding the lake, but never really hitting the lake. A few showers came down late Tuesday afternoon, but the race committee did an excellent job of getting the fleet off the water before they hit.
Race one set the pace for the event as Sam and Austin won the race with OO747, Sean Mihelich and Camille Bertrandt, in second followed by home lake sailor, Ellie Harned and Molly Hostetler, X4 in third.
Race two was a great battle between the ladies with X13, Suzanne Ackley & Alyssa Neumann, battling with V31, Ella Schieble & Carly Kiss. Ackley/Neumann led at the windward marks and Schieble/Kiss led at the leeward marks. In the end Ackley/Neumann crossed just in front of Schieble/Kiss to win the race with the V31 in 2nd. V88 Spencer/ Steiner continued their consistency with a 3rd place finish.
In race three V88, Spencer/ Steiner, jumped out to a nice lead, but the A14, Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmar, went right through the fleet to grab the lead and never looked back. The sisters had big smiles as they crossed the finish line. V88, Spencer/ Steiner, grabbed second followed by A5, Brittany Shabino & Jacob Eckert.
Moving on to race four, V88, Spencer/ Steiner, jumped out to the lead again as X13, Ackley/ Neumann & X4, Harned/ Hostetler, battled for the lead. On the last windward leg the fourth place boat of V10, Cole Schweda & David Kiss, sailed fast through the top three to grab the win. V10 was followed X13, Ackley/Neumann and X4, Harned/Hostetler, in third with V88, Spencer/Steiner, finishing fourth.
In race five X13, Ackley/Neumann, and V88, Spencer/ Steiner, were at the front again battling for the lead. V213, Fritz & Meta Simon, were charging in 3rd. The wind was light, but X13, Ackley/Neumann, battled through to grab the win followed closely by V88, Spencer/ Steiner. V213, Fritz and Meta Simon took third.
Race 6 was to start right before lunch and the wind was shifting to the northwest. It was building slightly and as the starting signal went off the V10, Schweda/ Kiss, along with V213, the Simons, port tacked the fleet with a lot of speed from the port end to launch them out to the lead. V10, Schweda / Kiss, started first and increased their lead to win going away. This was their second win of the day. V213, Fritz and Meta Simon, were second followed by A13, Charlie Eckert / Carson Boemer, in 3rd.
Race 7 was started in light air after a lunch break. The RC decided to do only one race, but a longer race to conclude the event. A14, Lindsey & Kelsey Vollmar, came from the left side to grab the lead followed closely by V213, Fritz & Meta. OO747, Mihelich /Bertrandt, were third. V213 was able to grab the lead on the upwind to go on to win the race. It was a nice family moment as they crossed the finish line with Meta hugging her brother Fritz, who won his first race skipping an X boat. A14, the Vollmar girls, were second with OO747, Mihelich /Bertrandt, staying in third.
There were 59 boats that attended this training event, with five different race winners, comprised of 3 senior sailors and 2 juniors. 2 sailors, one junior and one senior, who won two races each, with 4 senior sailors and 6 juniors making up the top ten. It was a highly spirited event that was well run by Ted Rolfs. Ted was awarded a tree to plant in hopes that he will climb it one day, just as he did when he was in sailing school a few years back. A very big thank you goes out to the Marshall family for allowing all of us to use their beautiful home as headquarters for the event. In the end, we can now call V88, Sam Spencer and Austin Steiner, TWO time TRAP Champions as they sailed a great regatta.
Report from Irwin R. Fletcher



Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell from Pewaukee win 2018 X Quint regatta.

The 2018 Quint was recently held on North Lake. It consisted of the following lakes, North, Nagawicka, Okauchee, Labelle and Pewaukee. 16 sailors showed up for the one day event, which was wonderfully chaired by Cheri Theisen. Four races were sailed with trying conditions in the morning, but improving conditions in the afternoon.
The first race was started in 5mph wind, but died down to 2mph most of the race. V61, Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell, led at the first mark and then fell back to 5th before charging right through the fleet to grab the lead again. He went on to win the race as Ella & Myla Unterweger E80 were second, E22 Sara Boutelle & Mitch Wohlfeil were third followed by V10 Cole Schweda & David Kiss.
Race 2 started in better wind as it came up to about 8-10mph. V10 Schweda & Kiss grabbed the lead and held on except when V61 Allen & Isabell got them around the last leeward mark. V10 Schweda & Kiss were able to take the lead back halfway up the leg and won the race with V61 Allen & Isabell closely in second. OO-747 Sean Mihelich & Tanner Hetherington sailed their new boat to 3rd.
Race 3 V61 Allen & Isabell started first and only increased their lead as they had almost an entire windward leg lead at the end. OO-747 Mihelich & Hetherington were second followed by V10 Schweda & Kiss in 3rd. V61 Allen & Isabell had a nice overall regatta lead but V10 Schweda & Kiss were close enough to have to worry about them during the last race if they wanted to win the regatta.
Race 4 V10 Schweda & Kiss started first and increased their lead to about half of a windward leg to win their second race of the day. NO-113 Riley Jensen was second followed by V61 Allen and Isabell. With their 3rd place finish this second year team wrapped up the regatta win by 2 points over the V10 Schweda & Kiss.
This event was a great way for these lakes to start the 2018 regatta season and get their newer skippers some more racing experience.

Here are the final results:

IMG 7504

V-61 Chuckwagon - Charlie Allen and Megan Isabell 1st Place

IMG 7505
V-10 Wally's Warriors Cole Schweda and David Kiss 2nd Place

IMG 7519

Report filed by Irwin R. Fletcher & Friends

Screen Shot 2018 06 20 at 6.01.19 AM
IMG 8831
A-17 Lindsey Vollmar & Kelsey Vollmar First Place

2018 LYC Tune Up X Final Results