The 2017 X-Boat Season is in the books!

X Blue Chip Report: Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland become back-to-back Blue Chip Champions with a perfect day. 

By Irwin R. Fletcher

It was a bright sunny day with a bit of chill in the air when we arrived on site at the Cedar Lake Yacht Club. The winds were light, but it promised to build as the day progressed. The race committee took the kids out right away and let the wind settle in from the north at 6-8 mph.

The race committee had moved the fleet south down the lake to take advantage of the bigger part of the lake. They started the race as the fleet was spread from the west side to the east side, but this time the east side paid big as I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland grabbed the early lead. D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler were second and the two sailed to a big lead hitting every shift correctly as they came down the lake. I25 tried to run away with the race, but no lead is safe and the D30 was able to get close a couple of times.  I25 made sure to properly cover second the rest of the race and win his second race in a row. J2 Jack Scherer & Jacob Bowman, W20 Owen Harrod & Hank Sveum along with A17 Ali & Kelsey Vollmer were battling for 3rd most of the race, but the V88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner, who were about 20th around the first mark, worked their way through the fleet and on the final leg sailed every shift to move into 3rd for the race followed by J2 Sherer & Bowman in 4th with A17 Vollmar girls in 5th and W20 in 6th.

The wind started to play tricks with the race committee as they tried to start the second race of the day, but the shifts were too big to start it right away. It finally settled in and they started the race. It was hard to tell which side would be the best side, but many sailed the shifts correctly as the V213 Meta & Fritz Simon grabbed the lead followed by D30 Hetlzers as they went to the right side of the course. I25 Petersen & Holland, who were about 12th at the first windward mark, gybed at the offset and rode a great puff over many boats to put them in 3rd. The next upwind leg the I25 hit a few shifts correctly and was back in the game for the race. The next time downwind V213 & D30 stayed on starboard on the way down with the I25 taking a quick gybe that allowed them to ride over the top of the other two and take the lead again. They never looked back as I25 Petersen & Holland won their third race in a row on their way to their second consecutive Blue Chip Championship. D30 Hetzlers finished second for the second race to help improve them to 2nd overall. B11 Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki were 3rd followed by V213 Simmons & W20 Harrod & Sveum. 

With this being a regatta requiring you to qualify by performance, it is the best of the best and again this year was no different. For those who were there, congratulations on a great season as it is hard to believe the 2017 X boat regatta season is completed. We congratulate all the regatta champions from this year and we will miss those who are aging out of the X boat as these will be some of your best sailing memories you will have and now you have some of the best friends for life.

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 First Place - I25 All In - Chapman Peterson & Caroline Holland

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Second Place - D30 Penguin - Nathan Hetzler & Graham Hetzler

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3rd Place - W20 Shake n Bake - Owen Harrod & Hank Seum

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4th Place - V88 Haulin'Donkey - Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner  

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5th Place - J2 Fearless - Jack Sherer & Jacob Bowman

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Top Female Skipper - V213 - Meta Simon & Fritz Simon

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25th Anniversary of first Female Blue Chip winner Heidi Schweda & 2017 winner Chapman Peterson

Full Results

X Blue Chip Report: Defending Champion leads a tight regatta after three races! 

By Irwin R. Fletcher

It is hard to believe that the final regatta is upon us as the summer has gone too fast. But the kids are excited to be at the “invitation only” regatta.

The morning started out with shifty (oh wait, that is what Cedar is known for) winds at about 6-8 from the northwest. They sailed out of Timmer’s bay as they set an LA3 for the first race. V88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner jumped out to a early lead, but no lead is safe on Cedar. A-136 Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch came on strong along with X13 Suzanne Ackley & Cole Schweda as the three of them battled it out for the lead. At the final windward mark V88 touched the mark and fell to 3rd behind the A136 & X13, but again no lead is safe on Cedar. A136 and X13 gybed onto a port and V88 stayed on starboard as the wind was streaky and filling from both directions. It looked like anybody's race until the last 100 yards as V88 emerged to take the lead and race one followed by X13 and the A136. It was an exciting race as Sam & Austin sailed a tough race to grind through and win it.

Race two immediately followed as V10 Jack Schweda & Charlie Allen along with V88 Sam and Austin port tacked the fleet and were looking good, but the V88 hit every shift to lead at the first mark. X13 Ackley & C. Schweda along with W15 Matt Dressen & Landon Kruse were close behind. The race was a battle between the three of them and at the end the X13 Ackley & C.Schweda won the race followed by V88 Spencer & Steiner and then the W15 Dressen & Kruse. X13 and V88 were tied for first as they went in for lunch.

The third race started in the same conditions as they moved the windward mark a bit more to the north as the V511 Red Tornehl & Grayson a Russ grabbed the lead with I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland in second. V511 had a nice lead with the I25 out in front of the entire fleet as it was a battle between the two of them. The course was a WA 5 with many legs on a short race as the two were positioned for the final leg. V511 broke to the right mark and headed to the port where he was all day, but I25 went left and broke out to the starboard side. I25 hit two quick shifts to gain a ton of distance on V511, but it was still anybody's race. Finally, in the last quarter of the leg I25 was able to get past the V511 as they tacked a few times to the finish. In the end, the I25 Petersen & Holland were able to beat out V511 Tornehl & Bruss for the race win.

It was a tough mental day of sailing as the best of the best were on display. 

We have two races tomorrow with a 9:30 start…..stay tuned for more info.

Click the pictures to view the live action finishes

IMG 1003

Race 2 finish

 IMG 1018

Race 3 finish

Day 1 Results:

 IMG 1021


ILYA 2017 Champs Results  Final 

X Inland Senior Fleet- Final Report: Home Lake Hetzler boys win the regatta for the ages!  - By Irwin R. Fletcher

The Senior Fleet awoke once again to building winds out of the east starting at 8-10 and by the time of their start it was about 10-14. It was a sunny day with a few clouds and a bit cooler temperatures, but a perfect wind direction for the seniors, who were now sailing on the southwest side of the lake that the juniors had sailed on the two days prior. The fleet was ready as we had a three way tie for first after 7 races! Who could have imaged that three boats would be tied with the worst race for any of them being a 7th?!  The stage was set for this championship to be decided on the water!

As the race committee was under a minute to the start the I11 Kyle Navin & Mya Burdick were over the line and trying to reround the RC boat. The D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler was stuck on the line with the I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland in the pack as the group was mostly over the line forcing the race committee into a general recall. They went back into sequence, but with about two minutes left the V10 Jack Schweda & John Lieber noticed the left shift and made their way down the line as only one other boat, A11 Michael Rolfs & Fiona Trester were down on the port end. The V10 Schweda & Lieber hit the start perfectly as they port tacked the entire fleet for the second time this regatta and this was the perfect call.

image1 1

A11 Rolfs & Trester followed right behind the V10. The V10 Schweda & Lieber sailed a great leg to lead at the first mark. D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler was closely in 2nd with I25 Petersen & Holland in 3rd with A11 Rolfs & Trester in 4th. I11 Navin & Burdick sailed up through the fleet to be 5th. But this regatta was still up for grabs as the V10 continued to lead around the gate with the D30 right behind him. They had put a little distance on the I25, A11 and I11, but not enough to be comfortable. The D30 hit a few more shifts on this upwind leg and was able to get past the V10 as they entered the second windward mark. It was tight as they split at the offset with the V10 gybing first. The next three stayed the same as they headed down to the gate with the wind becoming very puffy as it would almost die until the next big puff line filled in. As the D30 and V10 exited the gate, they went to the right side of the course and the I25 followed them. The A11 and I11 went to the left side hoping to gain on the leaders. This was the final leg of the regatta and it was whoever beat the others to win the regatta between the D30, I25 and I11 with the V10 secured in the 6th spot for the regatta and A11 going for the race win.

The D30 was sailing tack for tack on the V10 on the right side of the course as the I25 continued to hit the shifts up the lake while still staying on the right side. The A11 and I11 were trying to get as far left as possible to gain a left shift. As we entered the final 1/4 of the leg the left was filling in nicely as the I11 was able to get around the A11 and was coming on strong for the leaders. I25 was tacking to the opposite tack of the D30, but he started to try and sit on the I25 as the V10 was able to work his way right of them. The V10 tacked to starboard as the D30 was barely able to cross him as he was now sitting on the I25 who was working the right side. The I11 was coming, but had to break back to the left to try and gain more on them. At this point any of the five boats, including the A11, could win depending on which side filled in. The V10 came out of the right to try and get to the I11 on the left as he just crossed him. The V10 split tacks with the I11 and was now coming back at the I11 who was now on starboard but the V10 was not going to cross him so he had to duck the I11. The D30 was trying to stay with the I25 as I25 was working farther right of him. The I25 tacked and had a big starboard with good speed so the D30 tacked under the I25 and was now racing right to the finish line. The I11 was coming from the port, but it was fading as the D30 was now lifting on the starboard tack and getting closer to the finish line. I25 was really coming on strong as the right filled, but the D30 was lifting to the line as I25 could not overtake the D30 as he sailed across the line in 1st, not only in the race, but for the entire regatta. I25 finished second with the I11 in 3rd. It was an unbelievable finish as three boats that were tied going into the race finished 1,2,3 in the final race. A11 Rolfs & Trester just edged out the V10 Schweda & Lieber for 4th with the V10 in 5th as they all finished within a minute of each other.

What an unbelievable finish to an incredible race to an unforgettable X Inland championship! This is what makes X boat sailing so awesome.

Click the picture below to watch the finish:

Screen Shot 2017 07 30 at 7.17.32 AM copy

Congratulations to all three of the boats, but special congratulations to Nathan & Graham Hetzler on sailing a great regatta. It was so exciting to see them win three of the eight races. They should be really proud of their accomplishment as this is such a special time for them as they are the 2017 X Senior Inland Champions.

Here are the 1st through 15th placewinners at the 2017 ILYA X Championships - Senior Fleet:

image2 1

1st Place D30 Penguin - Nathan Hetzler/Graham Hetzler  

image3 1

2nd Place I25 All In - Chapman Petersen/Caroline Holland  


3rd PlaceI11 5 Star - Kyle Navin/Mya Burdick  


4th Place B6 Barr-B-Que - Brigit Barr/Caroline LeRoy  


5th Place V88 Haulin'Donkey - Sam Spencer/Austin Steiner  


6th Place V10 Wally's Warriors - Jack Schweda/John Lieber  


7th Place X55 Boaty McBoatface - Joe Gehl/Lyssa Neumann  


8th Place V511 Aderyn - Red Tornehl/Grayson Bruss/ Adam Biwer  


9th Place B3 Komonster - Ryan Komas/Brian Zettlemoyer  


10th Place OO24 Boomerang - Quinn Harris/Nora Kandziora  

Photo Jul 29 3 17 33 PM

11th Place I17 Frazier Time - Quin Frazier/Findley Frazier  

Photo Jul 29 3 16 51 PM

12th Place J13 Superstition - Emily Scherer/Ally Hansen  

Photo Jul 29 3 16 06 PM

13th Place A15 Three Hour Two-er - Meredith Kent/Addie Vaupel  

Photo Jul 29 3 15 21 PM

14th Place A17 Shezawiz - Ali Vollmar/Kelsey Vollmar  

Photo Jul 29 3 14 37 PM

15th Place B7 Little Schmidt - Annie Cate Schmidt/Anneliese LeRoy  


X Inland Junior Fleet- Final Report: V213 Meta & Fritz Simon cap off a strong season with a victory! 

 The 2017 season was a strong one for V213 Simonized - sailed by Meta Simon with her crew & brother Fritz Simon.  Following earlier triumphs on the GLSS and the WYA, they sailed an extremely consistent and efficient regatta with a 2-4-(7)-1-7-4-4-5 to take the Junior Championship.  It wasn't easy, however, as W20 Owen Harrod & Hank Seum & X13 Suzanne Ackley and Julia Janssen also sailed very consistently throughout the Championship to finish 4 and 7 points behind Simonized, respectively.

Kate Cox, White Bear Instructor, was able to give us her thoughts on the last race and her home lake second place finishers W20.  Click on the picture below to hear what she has to say:



Here are the 1st through 15th placewinners at the 2017 ILYA X Championships - Junior Fleet:


1st Place V213 Simonized - Meta Simon & Fritz Simon


2nd Place W20 Shake n Bake - Owen Harrod & Hank Seum


3rd Place X13 Xackley - Suzanne Ackley & Julia Janssen


4th Place X4 Windhover - Ellie Harned & Stella Marban


 5th Place B11 Boaty McBoatface - Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki


6th Place J2 Fearless - Jack Sherer & Jacob Bowman


7th Place - I35 JPOWER - Jared Plummer & Joey Plummer


8th Place OO144 Landshark - Jackson Walker & Paxton Denton


9th Place B99 UNSB - Augie Jarecki & Ashley Mueller/William Webber


10th Place V61 Chuck Wagon - Charlie Allen & Megan Isabell


11th Place A14 Hamburger - Linsey Vollmar & Justin Heimsch


12th Place A136 Not Too Sh-Abby - Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch


13th Place - Triskaidekaphobia - Charlie Eckert & Carson Boemer


14th Place V31 Swag Diva - Ella Schieble & Carly Kiss


15th Place G Force - Thomas Whowell & Sailor Whowell

Also the 2017 Volleyball Tournament crown a new Champion as Lake Beulah is 2017 winners!


X Inland Junior Fleet- Day Two Report: What a day!  There is a three way tie for first! - By Irwin R. Fletcher

with special contributions by the instructors... 

The Senior Fleet awoke to almost the exact same air, same direction and same body of water to sail. Winds were out of the northeast again at about 8-13 mph.

Race 5 (Race one of the day) saw the right side pay off as the B6 Brigit Barr and Caroline Leroy grabbed the lead at the first mark with the D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler right behind them. A-17 Ali & Kelsey Vollmar were 3rd with V511 Red Tornehl & Grayson Bruss 4th and I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland in 5th.

As they headed downwind D30 Hetzlers grabbed the lead and never looked back as they stayed on the right side of the course. They definitely had some hometown knowledge as they consistently stayed right. A17 Vollmars sailed very well to grab 2nd and V88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner grabbed 3rd. I25 Petersen & Holland finished 4th with B6 Barr and Leroy right behind in 5th. 

Click on Michael Barr for some additional analysis:

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 10.03.46 PM


Race 6 was the same as the first, as D30 Hetzlers hit the right side and played all the shifts to lead at the first mark and never looked back. There were a few times it looked like the left would pay off, but never enough as the right won out. The D30 looked more and more confident as they won both races in the morning and closed in on the two leaders overall. I25 Petersen & Holland sailed through the course and finished second with A17 Vollmars in 3rd. B6 Barr & Leroy continued their consistent sailing with a 4th and V10 Jack Schweda & John Lieber just beat out the I11 Kyle Navin & Mya Burdick for 5th and 6th. We now have the throwout in play as the standings were changing.

 IMG 0236

Race 7 started after lunch with the right side seeming like the proper side to be on as I11 Navin & Burdick grabbed the lead with B6 Barr & Leroy in 2nd. D30 Hetzlers were 3rd with V88 Spencer & Steiner in 4th. I25 Petersen & Holland were closely behind in 5th. The fleet stayed pretty much the same until the last time down when B6 Barr & Leroy sailed pass I11 Navin & Burdick to grab the lead. They seemed to be fighting it out for the win until half way up the final leg when the V88 Spencer & Steiner hit about every shift correctly to add themselves to the mix. As they were closing in on the finish line, the V88 was right, coming in strongly, but B6 Barr & Leroy were able to still make it past the V88.  The V88 had now passed the I11 Navin & Burdick. B6 Barr & Leroy protected their lead and sailed smartly to grab the win with the V88 Spencer & Steiner finishing closely behind in 2nd. I11 Navin & Burdick were able to grab 3rd with D30 Hetzlers in 4th. X55 Joe Gehl & Lyssa Neumann moved up from 7th to 5th on the last leg. I25 Petersen & Holland were able to finish 6th with B3 Ryan Komas & Brian Zettlemoyer in 7th. V10 Schweda & Lieber were 8th with A15 Meredith Kent & Addie Vaupel in 9th and J13 Emily Scherer & Ally Hansen in 10th.

Click on Michael Barr for some additional analysis:

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 10.02.09 PM

It was a great day of sailing again as the race committee showed patience to not react too quickly to any shifts as the wind seemed to come back each time. The sailors enjoyed the quick races and were looking forward to the big party tonight.

At this time, there is a THREE WAY TIE for 1st with 18pts and the tie being broken by I11 Navin & Burdick having 3 first place finishes, D30 Hetzlers stand in second with two first place finishes and I25 Petersen & Holland is third with 1 first place finish. B6 Barr & Leroy are also tied with V88 Spencer & Steiner for 4th with B6 breaking the tie with 1 first place. V10 Schweda & Lieber are in 6th with V511 Tornehl & Bruss tied with X55 Gehl & Neumann for 7th and 8th. OO24 Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora are in 9th and B3 Komas & Zettlemoyer round out the top 10.

Tomorrow calls for lighter air as the RC called for a 10am start on the other course that the juniors have been sailing on.

X Inland Junior Fleet- Day Two Report: V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon hold a narrow lead overOwen Harrod/
Hank Seum  after 7 races 

Day two featured spectacular racing on the Junior course and great wind. A spectacular day.  Let's let the instructors report on the action in their own words:

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 10.02.57 PM     Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 10.02.42 PM   Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 10.01.24 PM

 Race 5 - North Lake's Noah Janssen                 LBYC's - Scotty Sullivan                               LBYC's - Caroline Skotarzak

X Inland Senior Fleet- Day One Report: I-11 Navin & Burdick lead after four races. 

By Irwin R. Fletcher

 The Senior Fleet was awarded the round northern half of the lake and were greeted with nice northeasterly breezes all day.

Race one was about the port tack by V10 Jack Schweda & John Lieber as they shot out and led the way for the first three legs until I-11 Kyle Navin & Mya Burdick took the lead and won race one followed by V-511 Red Tornehl & Grayson Bruss and V-88 Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner. V-10 Schweda & Lieber finished 4th with I-25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland in 5th.

Race two saw I-11 Navin & Burdick out front with I25 Petersen & Holland close behind but had a nice lead on the rest of the fleet. V511 Tornehl & Bruss were in 3rd all by themselves as they sailed a great race. The shift was coming in as the I0 James & Adam Lyon came in 4th with the D30 Hetzlers in 5th. The rest was a scramble as many boats finished closely.

Race Three saw the B3 Ryan Komas & Brian Zettlemoyer jump out to a nice lead as they played the right side of the course. I25 Petersen & Holland worked the shifts to close in and take the lead. The wind was shifting as the fleet was changing rapidly as V88 Spencer & Steiner worked up to take second with X55 Joe Gehl & Lyssa Neumann in 3rd. B6 Brigit Barr & Caroline Leroy sailed a beautiful last leg to move into 4th with D30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler in 5th.

Race 4 the wind started to lighten as the V10 Schweda & Leiber had a good start and sailed the shifts to lead around the first two marks. V88 Spencer & Steiner were second followed by D30 Hetzlers and W15 Matt Dressen & Angus Levins. I-11 Navin & Burdick were moving through the fleet nicely as they grabbed the lead on the 3rd leg and never looked back hitting every shift and winning their 3rd race of the day. D30 Hetzlers moved into second as they had a great day on the home waters today. B6 Barr & Leroy again sailed great to take 3rd with I25 Petersen & Holland in 4th and V88 Spencer & Steiner in 5th.

The top three boats overall had no worse than a 6th place as they were very consistent and out front of the fleet. The next three are very tight as they had no race worse than an 18th and are all within 3 points of each other. Great job by the race committee getting four quality races in on a perfect day for sailing.

We expect good winds again tomorrow and look forward to three more quality races in this eight race championship. More to follow:







X Inland Junior Fleet- Day One Report: V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon lead after four races. 
By Caroline Skotarzak & David Berg
Race one:
Medium light wind. The left side of the course was more favored because there was a leftie off the shore and the wind could build more down the lake. Throughout the day, the key was to stick to one side, and play the shifts up that side without crossing through the middle. The wind was slowly building throughout the race to be around 10mph at the end. The race featured a solid tactical duel between the top three finishers X-4 Ellie Harned & Stella Marband, V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon and Lindsay Vollmar & Justin Heimsch with X-4 tacking to cover A-14 and then flipping to starboard to guarantee herself the edge over V-213 at the finish line.
Race two:
The wind was similar to the wind at the end of the first race, around 10mph. Again, any time sailing in the middle of the course ping ponged around on knocks while the wind continued to fill down the sides. On the downwinds, the rum line (a direct line from the offset to the leeward marks) was the fastest way to go because the wind was strong enough to overpower the wind shadow below the windward mark. Pine Lake again took the honors as Suzanne Ackley & Julia Janssen sailed a beuatiful race with B-11 Jonah Boykin & William Webber coming in second.
Race three:
A little bit more windy than the second race, as the wind had continued to build slightly during lunch. It was probably around 11-12mph at this point. During the start, the whole port end of the line was quite empty. Furthermore, as a result of the northeast direction, the chop was substantial. All of the kids had to focus to make sure that they were not pinching over the waves. Their instructors wanted them to stay powered up. The wind and the shifts were very similar to the first two races, with the wind funneling down the sides. Overall, the right generally prevailed, but you could play shifts up either side. J-2 won the race by about a third of a leg after having a launched start and extending the lead for the duration of the race. 
Race four:
Throughout the race, the wind slowly dropped off, ending up at about 8 mph by the end. Once again, the shifts were very similar to the previous races. the key for many in this race was to keep the boat moving, as it was possible to move quickly through the fleet if you kept your bow down. V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon had their way with this one.  W-20 Owen Harrod & Hank Seum came in a solid second for the race and the day with consistently solid finishes of 5-12-2-2.

IMG 1849 


WYA Final- Meta & Fritz Simon 2017 WYA Champions- Report by Irwin R. Fletcher.   Screen Shot 2017 07 23 at 10.29.33 PM

Last night the fleet was welcomed by the Seidel Family to a wonderful party and all had much fun. People enjoyed socializing, eating some great Mexican cuisine and Flying Cow pizza, Kona Ice, the E boat bar, and breaking it down on the dance floor.

Day two started out light and shifty as the race committee brought the fleet out to try and get a race started. After one general recall, they were off and racing as the fleet split, but the right side paid off as V99, Kamron Kaiser and PJ Esser, rounded the first two marks in the lead.  V-213, Meta & Fritz Simon, were closing in and eventually overtook the V99. Meta and Fritz would sail on to a big win. X-13, Suzanne Ackley and Julia Janssen, finished 2nd and V99, Kaiser and Esser, came in 3rd.  B11, Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki, would finish 4th with V-31, Ella Schieble & Carly Kiss, in 5th. Many boats that were in front the first race were not up there in the second race as the standings were tightening up going into the 3rd regatta race.

The last race started out in light air as the middle of the line broke out with the D30, Nathan & Graham Hetzler, plus OO-24, Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora, looking good but, then the left with A-14, Lindsey Vollmar & Justin Heimsch, and A-13, Charlie Eckert & Carson Boemer, started coming on strong. The right side wind never quite filled as regatta leader V-213, Simons’, were hard on that side. As they edged closer it was all left as the A-13 led the A-14 at the first mark. Then the wind died and shifted from the west to the north as the fleet was getting grouped together and it was hard to tell who was where. The V213 was able to come back to about 11th at that first mark, but then began sailing down wind away from the cluster of boats and picking up speed. As the wind fully shifted they were now reaching into the next mark and making big gains. There was a huge cluster of boats at the leeward gate. The A-14, Vollmar, and A13, Eckert, were able to pop out and continue to lead the race, but the V213 was lurking and moving through the fleet like a hot knife through butter. The A14 had now grabbed the lead as they headed downwind again, but V-213 had moved into the top 5. At the last gate the A14 and A13 were looking good, but the A-13, Eckert, went to the left side as the A-14, Vollmar, played the middle favoring the right side. As they reached the halfway point of the leg the B99, Augie Jarecki and William Webber, along with the V-213 had fully entered the picture as the A-14, Vollmar, was still in first. As they reached the finish the V-213, Simons, were right on the tail of the A-14, but Lindsey and Justin had enough to win the exciting race. V-213 was second, the B99 finished 3rd, B6, Brigit Barr and Caroline Leroy, came in 4th and the A-13, Eckert & Boemer, rounded out the top 5.


The day belonged to the Simon family as they had won the regatta by 19 points. They sailed about as perfectly as you could sail the tough Pine Lake conditions and became the Wisconsin Yachting Association Champions for 2017.


The top five are as follows:

  1. V213 Simon 4.0 
  2. OO-24 Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora 23.0 
  3. A-14 Vollmar & Heimsch 24.0
  4. A-13 Eckert &  Boemer 27.0 - Mom Barbara Eckert accepts for the kids who were pulling their boat!
  5. D-30 Nathan & Graham Hetzler 28.0 


See Full Results



WYA regatta day one - Simons lead after one race by Irwin R. Fletcher


The day started with light shifty air as the race committee decided to bring the fleet out and try a race, but after one try they went into postponement and waited to see if the wind would stabilize.  After the postponement they reset the starting line and began the race. A couple of boats hit the port end early and had to reround, but as it shifted to a port favored line the V213, Meta & Fritz Simon, and OO24, Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora, both hit the port end perfectly and were one and two at the first mark. They had a nice lead as V213, Meta and Fritz Simon, firmly took the lead and never looked back as they secured the win. Quinn and Nora were in second as they sailed a great race. But the next few spots were still undecided as the Hamburger A14, Lindsey Vollmer and Justin Heimsch, grabbed 3rd followed by B6, Brigit Barr and Caroline Leroy, in 4th. Not too Shabby Abby, Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch, sailed well to finish 5th. This was a difficult race as the wind and shifts were not cooperating at all.

The race committee sent the fleet in for lunch as the wind was dying. They waited it out until 3:30, but nothing filled and we were done for the day. The racing starts tomorrow at 10am with two races scheduled.

Stay tuned for more information………





 Xtreme Regatta - Oshkosh Yacht Club- B11 Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki win the 13th annual Xtreme by Irwin R. Fletcher

Day two started out with wind and clouds as the race committee had an early 9:00am start time to get in three races today. Race 2 of the regatta (Race one of the day) saw many boats over the start line including regatta leader after day one -I25 Chapman Petersen and I11 Kyle Navin. B6 Brigit Barr and Caroline Leroy had a great start and grabbed an early lead that they continued to build on as they won the race handily. The real race was for 2nd as OO17 Sean Mihelich & Jackson Brockman were battling it out with V10 Jack Schweda & John Lieber and A136 Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch. OO17 Mihelich had 2nd as they headed back upwind for the final leg. V10 Schweda and OO17 Mihelich swapped around 2nd until the last 10 yards when A136 Eckert really put on the speed to get by both of them and grab second. V10 Schweda was 3rd and OO17 Mihelich was 4th. A14 Lindsey Vollmar was 5th and B11 Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki in 6th. More to come on the B11.

The next race there was a group from the left side of the course who looked pretty good until the right started to really fill in and coming from the right was A13 Charlie Eckert & Carson Boemer who were not only able to grab the lead, but had quite a nice lead. They led from start to finish and were never challenged as they took the gun. B11 Boykin & Jarecki sailed a beautiful race as they worked the left side of the course to come in second followed by I35 Jared & Joey Plummer in the Jpower in 3rd. OO24 Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora were 4th and V19 Quinn Kaiser & Charlie Bruss were 5th.

The last race of the day and the regatta started out with boats going to both sides of the course and the right really paid off in the last 1/4 of the leg as X4 Ellie Harned & Stella Marban were leading around the first mark with I35 Jared and Joey Plummer in 2nd and I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland in 3rd as they started downwind. I25, Petersen moved into 2nd at the next mark, but the I35, Plummer was not far behind. The last time up the three of them traded places in a very exciting race. In the end the I25 Petersen & Holland won by a nose followed by X4 Harned & Marban and I35 Plummer boys in 3rd. I11 Kyle Navin & Mya Burdick were 4th and X8 Luca Marban & Alec Harned were 5th. But, the race was still on for the regatta title as the A136 Eckert and Heimsch were 6th followed closely by the B11 Boykin & Jarecki in 7th. The B11 had a 6,6,2,7 for 21 overall points and won the regatta by 3 points over A136, Eckert and Heimsch followed by I25, Peterson & Holland. There was some very exciting racing as the entire fleet was very tight and the points were close.

Overall, another great event hosted by the Oshkosh Yacht Club as FUN was had by all! If you are looking for a great regatta with some great competition this is the event to attend.

image2 image3 

1st Place - B11 - Jonah Boykin & Chandler Jarecki                                                2nd Place - A136 - Abby Eckert & Allison Heimsch 



image4      image5        

3rd Place - I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland                                                 4th Place - OO24 Quinn Harris & Nora Kandziora 




 5th Place - B6 Brigit Barr & Caroline LeRoy                                                          



2017 Oshkosh Xtreme Regatta - Oshkosh Yacht Club- I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland win the only race of the day - by A.J. Schweda

Screen Shot 2017 07 18 at 8.00.55 AM

Unfortunately, there was under 3-4 miles per hour of wind all day until around 3:30 when the weather service claimed to have 7-10 but it sure seemed lighter than that. Soon after, all the boats were requested on the water & the fleet continued under postponement. Candace and David Porter (PROs for this event) then decided to set up the course and start a race.

Some boats were late to the start but the race was off and running. I25 Chapman Petersen and Caroling Holland were in the lead group from the starboard side with I11 Kyle Navin & Mya Burdick with  Kyle leading them around the first mark. The wind was streaky and still very light as they headed downwind. Nathan & Graham Hetzler - D30 made big gains as they headed back up wind. Chapman & Caroline headed left and grabbed the lead as Kyle and Mya broke to the starboard side of the course. They both tried to protect the middle as they headed up the course until the final 300 yards of the race. Chapman again went left with Kyle digging in further on the right side of the course; however, in the end the port tack started to fill and lift to the finish. Nathan D30 was farthest to the left and coming in fast as Chapman worked his way over to that side to cover him. Chapman crossed the line first with Nathan following closely in second. Kyle hung tough to take third as Quinn Harris and Nora Kandziora 0024 and Annie Cate Schmidt and Anneliese Leroy B7 rounded out the top five. The rest of the fleet finished as the wind was dropping fast. That was the end of racing for the day.

The party was again a big hit as the kids had a ball at casino night and the parents enjoyed mingling at the waters as they enjoyed dinner.

Three races on the schedule with a 9am start time tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

IMG 0583


See full results here



Geneva Lake Sailing School Regatta - Day Two No Wind - No Racing - V213 Simons Meta & Fritz Simon WIN - by A.J. Schweda

Geneva Lake Sailing School Regatta - No Wind - No Racing today.

With no wind in the morning, the race committee flew the postponement on shore.  We waited around until 11:00 hoping to see some improvement in the conditions, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  The race committee was left with no choice but to blow it off.

Plenty of volleyball was played between sailors from each lake and their instructors. Geneva kids and instructors won both tournaments.

Abby Eckert of Cedar won one of the candy jar guesses with a perfect guess of 136 pieces.  Hmmm, I wonder why she picked that number?!  Augie Jarecki of Beulah and Anders Beckes of Pewaukee both picked the same number and split the jar.

As for the sailing the results after day one were now final. Marek Valasek (Sailing Director of Lake Geneva) gave a very nice speech, during which he told the kids to take time and thank their parents for bringing them here and supporting their sailing. The kids all stood up and gave their parents a standing ovation.

The Top Five and race winners were awarded trophies for the 2017 event.

Race 1- V213 Meta & Fritz Simon

Race 2- I25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland

 Top Five:

1. V-213 Meta & Fritz Simon - 4.0


2. I-25 Chapman Petersen & Caroline Holland - 6.0


3. B-6 Brigit Barr & Caroline Leroy - 6.0


4. W-20 Owen Harrod & Hank Seum - 11.0


5. V-10 Jack Schweda & John Lieber - 14.0


 GLSS - 2nd Annual Volleyball Champs



Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures.



Geneva Lake Sailing School Regatta - Day one report-V213 Simons Lead - by A.J. Schweda

After a brief postponement the race committee sent out the 57 boat fleet for race one of the 2017 GLSS Regatta.

The wind kicked up out of the southwest as the clouds came in and all were hiking out as the waves built. The fleet split off the start and two boats came together 3/4 of the first leg from each side. The V10 Jack Schweda/ John Lieber from the left and B6 Brigit Barr from the right side. Brigit led at the first mark over the V10 as the two headed downwind the first time. The rest of the fleet was very close behind. Jack Schweda V10 took the lead at the next mark over Brigit as the rest of fleet was changing positions. The V213 Meta and Fritz Simon, I25 Chapman Petersen/ Caroline Holland along with J13 Emily Sherer/ Ally Hansen had now moved into the top 5.

The next leg up the V10 Schweda/ Lieber broke out to the left and the next four boats went right as the wind was shifting a bit to the right side of the course. At the top mark the V213 Simon had moved into the lead closely followed by the B6 Barr and I25 Petersen/Holland. J13 Sherer/Hansen and V10 Schweda/ Lieber were close by. The next downwind they had all stayed close as they headed up for the last leg. V213 Simon was firmly in the lead as they cruised to the race win. B6, Barr, followed closely in 2nd as the battle for 3-5 was on. After trading back and forth the V10 Schweda/ Lieber grabbed 3rd followed by the J13 Sherer/ Hansen and I25 Petersen/Holland. W20 Owen Harrod/ Hank Seum were 6th followed by the I35 Jared and Joey Plummer.


The second race saw the breeze start to build and then completely shut off. I11 Kyle Navin/ Mya Burdick grabbed the lead followed closely by I45 Fin Burdick/Henrique Lowe and I25 Petersen/Holland. The two were out in front and looking good until the wind completely shut off the last leg. As the fleet spread across  the lake the two leaders I11 Navin/Burdick and I25 Petersen/ Holland bounced around in the waves and it was anybody’s race. First, it looked like the left with I11 Navin/Burdick would win, only to see I25 Petersen/Holland look like they were going to win. Then the wind started to fill in the middle from the west end of the lake and I25 Petersen was starting to move again towards the finish line to win race 2. I11 Navin/Burdick finished second followed by V213 Simon, B6 Barr and W20 Harrod/Seum. The rest of the fleet rallied to finish as boats from the middle and left streamed into finish the race.

The race committee was left to send everybody in for lunch as the wind was deciding what it wanted to do.

After lunch the wind seemed to be light to medium, but as the 57 boat fleet arrived at the starting line the wind shut off again. After a brief postponement the race committee called it for the day.

That started the party as most kids were at the volleyball net with teams from multiple lakes forming. The action at the net went on for over 3 hours as the kids enjoyed the competition.


The race committee set an early start of 9:00am with the possibility of three races tomorrow, but the prediction is not good as we will have a full report tomorrow.


The top five stands with 1. V213 Simon/Simon 4.0, 2. I25 Petersen/ Holland 6.0, 3. B6 Barr 6.0, 4. W20 Harrod/ Seum 11.0, 5. V10 Schweda/ Lieber 14.0

8E781932 A9DB 4944 A5D5 961136DDA70B                                   09E281E3 8CA9 4F3D 8D41 26D3C4C13661

V213 Meta and Fritz Simon                                                                                        I25 Chapman Petersen/ Caroline Holland


Full Day One Results 


Day 2 of Quads was picture perfect.  The wind was fresh from the NNW and the sailors were ready to enjoy it.  Right from the start in Race 4 the Young ladies from Cedar Lake shot to the front. Day 1 Race winners Britanny Shabino and Sam Eckert took a solid lead and maintained it with a bit of pressure from the other Day 1 victors Abby Eckert and Allison Heimsch, however, their 1/2 finish was never in doubt.  Beulah sailors B-99 Augie Jarecki/William Webber and B-6 Brigit Barr/Caroline LeRoy came in 3rd and 4th.

The wind picked up for the final race of the day and for much of the race the leaderboard was stood on its head.  J-60 Abe Weston and his crew Levi Morrison became the first young gentlemen to capture a race at #Quads'17.  However, consistency was Queen in this case as their fellow sailors from OshKosh - Emily Sherer and Ally Hansen sailing J-13  with a regatta line of 7-5-9-3-4 took first place.  Their first regatta win! Let's here what they had to say (Click on the Picture):


Screen Shot 2017 07 07 at 8.44.18 PM


Full Results Here


Day 1

39 XBoats from home lake Nagawicka and visitors from Beulah - Cedar - Mendota - Oshkosh & Pine reported for duty on a beautiful sunny day this morning at NLYC.  Unfortunately, the wind gods didn't read the NOR as conditions were light and variable to start the day off with no clear direction forcing the PRO to enter postponement until 11:30.  The wind finally steadied from the west and after an initial general recall the racers were off. The leaders changed throughout the race with A-5 Brittany Shabino and her crew Sam Eckert crossing the line first, just in front of B-99 Augie Jarecki and his crew William Webber.

After a break for lunch and a dash of volleyball the fleet went out for the afternoons racing.  The wind stiffened from the southwest up to about 8 mph.  Great start and course set up well for Cedar lake's Abby Eckert & her crew Allison Heimsch who followed her teammates example from the morning to take the second race, with X-4 Ellie Harned and Stella Marban coming in second.

             IMG 1660

Success breeds success and Abby & Allison were in the groove so they went out and captured the third race of the day as well.  B-99 Augie Jarecki and his crew William Webber found their way back to a familiar second place to finish a strong day for them.

Cedar's young ladies took care of business on day one setting a high standard for the other XBoaters to chase on Friday.  As a matter of fact, young ladies from all over the Quad Lakes had a spectacular day with 7/10 top places belonging to them.  See you bright and early tomorrow at #sailnag #Quads '17.

Here are the day 1 overall standings:

Screen Shot 2017 07 06 at 9.51.04 PM

2017 TRAP Regatta - Pine Lake Yacht Club

Trap Regatta Final Report:

Sam Spencer/Austin Steiner win Seniors and Overall Championship                                      Will Michels/Harrison Koss win Juniors

               Trap Senior                                               Trap Junior


Day two started out with a not so friendly radar as storms were quickly approaching and even with the early start time the fleet waited on shore to see what would happen. Michael Barr and his crew reviewed with the kids during chalk talk time while we continued to wait it out. The call was made to have an early 10:30am lunch and then see what we have. The storms stayed away with just a drizzle, but the winds came up. The PRO checked it out and gave the call to go man our boats as it was only blowing 13-18 mph out of the south, a perfect direction for Pine Lake.


Race 1 of the day and Race 6 overall saw Will Michels NO-617 break out to an early lead, but I-11 Kyle Navin over took him and strolled to victory with Will in tow and Abe Weston J-60 in third. With some of the overnight leaders a bit back and now a throw out in play, the regatta was wide open.

Race 7 saw the I-11, Kyle Navin, on a mission as he broke out to an early lead, but in true Buddy Melges fashion he started first and increased his lead to take the race and his third win of the regatta. Jack Schweda V-10 was trying hard to chase him down, but he had his own battle for second going on with X-4 Ellie Harned. It came down to the final puff as Jack just beat Ellie out for second at the line. They both sailed a great race. At this point the regatta was coming down to a three boat battle with I-11 Navin, V-88 Spencer and overnight leader A-17 Ali Volmar all within 10 points of each other.

Race 8 saw the return of the V-71 to the front of the fleet as it is now sailed by Jack Steiner.  He was leading most of the race except for one crossing. In the end, it was the rookie skipper, Jack Steiner to gain his first regatta win. This race X-4 Ellie Harned was able to secure the second spot followed by the Swag Diva from Pewaukee V-31 Ella Schieble. It was now a race to see who would win the regatta as V-88 Sam Spencer sailed to a 6th place finish and I-11 Kyle Navin was 16th to give the regatta win to Sam Spencer by one point. In the Junior Divison it was NO-617 Will Michels taking the crown this year over Jack Steiner of Pewaukee.


It was the 25th anniversary of the TRAP regatta, which was started by Leslie & Dick Barkow to help improve the sailing skills of our youth in the Wisconsin area and improve our youth against all the great sailors from the north. With a 13 boat waiting list and 62 dedicated sailors in the 25th edition, I think we can all agree that the vision of the Barkow's was the perfect decision. We can only be thankful to them and all of the people of Pine Lake (especially the Marshall’s & Ted Rolfs for hosting this years event) who have hosted all of the youth for this training regatta over the years as this will no doubt get the youth racers ready for the rest of the season!


The final results were very tight as one point separated the first two sailors and then the next four sailors were separated by ONE point with a three way tie for fourth through sixth.

This should be a great season as there are some very good youth sailors in this X fleet.


Final results are as follows:

  1. V-88 Sam Spencer - Austin Steiner 47pts
  2. I-11 Kyle Navin - Mya Burdick 48pts
  3. D-30 Nathan Hetzler - Graham Hetzler 70pts
  4. V-10 Jack Schweda - John Lieber 71pts
  5. J-60 Abe Weston - Levi Morris 71pt
  6. A-17 Ali Vollmar - Kelsey Vollmar 71pts
  7. OO-24 Quinn Harris - Saminora Kandziora 77pts
  8. NO-617 Will Michels - Harrison Koss 80pts
  9. X-4 Ellie Harned - Stella Marban 81pts
  10. B-6 Bridget Barr - Caroline Leroy 84pts.

See Full Results

Day 1 Report

Trap Regatta 2017 Mid-Regatta Report - A17 Ali Vollmer leads after day one

Light, shifty and more shifty breeze today as the X boats sailed three races in the morning with three different winners. The winds were westerly and oscillating from 230 degrees to 325 degrees at about 6-8mph and when it shifted one way it seemed the wind would completely die off on the other side of the course.

V-88 Sam Spencer lead the way in race one and I-11 Kyle Navin taking race two as the two of them now had a first place and a third place. Race 3 saw the fleet all over the place as X-55 Joe Gehl lead the entire way to winning the race followed by V-35 Charlie Bruss and X-88 Simon Rolfs.

After a quick lunch and a briefing from the Michael Barr and all his instructors the fleet went out for more racing. 

The afternoon winds seem to start to shift more southerly only to come back to the same westerly after the race started. D30 Nathan Hetzler took the honors winning the race followed by D21 Emmet Clair and OO17 Sean Mihelich. The fifth race started and during the course of the first leg I believe everyone thought about 15 different boats might be winning the race at one point but the left side paid out in the end as A13 Charlie Eckert and V88 Sam Spencer rounded first and second. V88 Sam Spencer was barely able to get by A13 Charlie Eckert to take race five as it was a very close finish.

With possible storms and big wind tomorrow the PRO has called for a 8:30 warning for this group of 62 sailors.

 The Top Five after five are:

  1. A17 Ali Vollmer 42pts
  2. V88 Sam Spencer 46pts
  3. V213 Meta Simon 54pts
  4. V10 Jack Schweda 57pts
  5. OO17 Sean Mihelich 61pts

 Screen Shot 2017 06 28 at 5.52.41 AMScreen Shot 2017 06 28 at 5.52.19 AM

2017 Quint Regatta - Okauchee Yacht Club

At Okauchee 14 X-Boats gathered for another early season tune-up - The Quint - attended by sailors from Okauchee, Nagawicka, Pewaukee and La Belle.  Pewaukee came out of the gates strong taking Gold - Jack Schweda & John Lieber, Silver - Sam Spencer & Austin Steiner and Bronze - Charlie Allen and Megan Isabelle

Screen Shot 2017 06 23 at 3.30.14 PM

2017 AHJ Regatta - Cedar Lake Yacht Club

The X AHJ regatta just wrapped up -- a one day event for newer sailors to explore taking their boat to a regatta and making new friends. It was designed to create a fun event where kids can enjoy their first regatta experience. It was held last weekend at Cedar Lake Yacht Club in West Bend, Wisconsin and attended by 24 Xboats from Cedar, Oshkosh and Mendota. Jack Scherer & Jacob Bowman proved that consistency is key with a 2-2-2 edged out home lake favorite Ali Vollmar & Kelsey Vollmar by a single point to take high honors.


Rank Boat # Skipper Crew R1 R2 R3 Nett
1st J-2 Jack Scherer Jacob Bowman 2 2 2 6
2nd A-17 Ali Vollmar Kelsey Vollmar 1 5 1 7
3rd A-136 Abby Eckert Allison Heimsch 5 8 3 16
4th J-13 Emily Scherer Ally Hansen 6 6 4 16
5th A-14 Lindsey Vollmar Justin Heimsch 3 4 10 17
6th A-15 Meredith Kent Addie Vaupel 4 1 15 20
7th A-13 Charlie Eckert Carson Boemer 10 9 6 25
8th A-5 Brittany Shabino Sam Eckert 9 12 5 26
9th A-42 Nathan Vaupel Mollie Shabino 7 10 14 31
10th J-25 Maria Castle Eddie Hansen 13 7 12 32
11th A-86 Owen Bailey-Waltz Simon Braeger 8 15 11 34
12th J-60 Abe Weston Levi Morris 11 3 22 36
13th A-11 Michael Rolfs Fiona Trester 18 11 8 37
14th H-5 Will Simonson Jonah Simonson 16 14 9 39
15th A-12 Gabrielle Spitz Easton Kuhn 12 17 18 47
16th A-3 Sophia Kirk Ava Kirk 17 13 19 49
17th A-72 Lauren Nast Ingrid Nast 23 22 7 52
18th J-1 Bailey Lira Talia Sheehan 15 18 21 54
19th J-11 Mateo Lira Olivia Sheehan 14 19 23 56
20th A-617 Hunter Ott Everett Quissek 20 16 20 56
21st A-88 Miles Bailey-Waltz Ethan Emery 21 20 16 57
22nd A-9 Marie King Matthew King 22 23 13 58
23rd A-111 Sarah Sprinkman Kate Sprinkman 19 21 24 64
24th A-31 Jack Grosskreuz Erin Shabino 24 25.0 DNS 17 66

The LaBelle Tune-up was first up for those hardy souls who couldn't wait to get out there, see their friends and mix it up on the race course.  Unfortunately, inclement weather - of the late spring kind - forced a cancellation of the X-Boat version of the regatta.

Continue below to read about upcoming X-Boat Regattas...

Traditionally, the kick off the main body of the reagatta season in the ILYA is the TRAP - Training Regatta at Pine - hosted by our very own X-Class Committee Chair Ted Rolfs.  Last year 63 X-Boats attended with Meta and Fritz Simon sailing V-213 Simonized to the overall victory as well as that of the Junior Fleet.  Henry Rolander and Joey Plummer, who placed 3rd overall took the Senior Fleet honors sailing I-16 Menace.  TRAP will be held June 27-28 this year and is annually hosted by the Myers family at their lovely home right down the lakefront from the launch.  VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Myers for their annual support and hospitality!

The Quad Lakes Regatta (recently expanded to six lakes --Beulah, Cedar, Mendota, Nagawicka, Oshkosh and Pine) will be hosted by Nagawicka this year on July 6th and 7th.  Last year at Pine Lake, home-cooking ruled the day once again with X-51 The Butt - Alby Rolfs & Trainer Rolfs taking first place honors followed closely by B-6 Barr-B-Que Brigit Barr and Caroline LeRoy in second place.

Don't get too comfortable back on the your own lake too quickly, GLSS -- The annuual Geneva Lake Sailing School regatta is up next on July 10th and 11th.  Last year LGYC sailors I-123 PM Parker Michael and I-16 Menace continued the pattern of home lake dominance for the 2016 X-Boat season.

Before the WYA & ILYA Champs wrap up an incredibly quick summer take a quick breather and make the trip to OshKosh for the XTreme regatta.  Enjoy the easy launch at the state park, the tons of fun at the annual casino night at the beautiful Waters headquarters of the Oshkosh Yacht Club and get some big water practice in for the upcoming championships. Last year, V-213 Simonized Meta Simon & Fritz Simon built on their early season success from TRAP to take top honors out of 53! boats attending with I-1 Shimmer Harry Melges in close pursuit for second place.  The 13th annual XTreme will be held July 17th and 18th this year -- don't miss it!

The WYA was held at Lake Beulah Yacht Club last year and V-66 sailed by Christian Spencer and Jack Steiner started on a roll that would prove to be impossible to stop.  X-4 Winderful Ellie Harned and Monroe Melges provided a stiff challenge for them but in the end it wasn't enough as they took second place.  This coming season the X-Boat fleet will return to the lake that started the season for many when they sailed TRAP at Pine Lake.  The WYA will be held on July 22nd and 23rd there.

The culmination of the season will find the X-Boat Fleet at Delavan Lake Yacht Club for the Annual ILYA X-Boat Championships to be held July 27-28-29.  Last year found 56 Junior Fleeters and 36 Senior Fleeters travel to Lake Okoboji for a spectacular regatta.  Each fleet was able to sail 7 solid races and in the Senior Fleet V-66 Christian Spencer and Jack Steiner prevailed over the toughest competition from I-1 Shimmer Harry Melges and Finn Burdick.  In the Junior Fleet I-25 All In Chapman Petersen and Caroline Holland won going away with OO-24 Boomerang Quinn Harris and Matt Kandziora prevailing over a tight group for second place.

But's not over yet.  The Annual Blue Chip Regatta hosted by Cedar Lake Yacht Club is the traditional end to the X-Boat season when they recognize the top 30 sailors from each year's campaign to test their mettle one last time before heading back to school.  Last year I-25 All In Chapman Petersen and Caroline Hollnad wrapped up an incredible heater of ILYA Junior Champ - ILYA Opt Champ and X-Boat Bluechip Champ triumphs to take home the trophy.I-1 Shimmer - Harry Melges and Kit Harned were close but not a bad season for Harry IV either.  This year's Blue Chip will be held on August 11th and 12th.

And before you know it, we'll already be looking forward to next year...Tune in early and often to the X-Boat website for updates, reults and media.  Looking forward to a great 2017!!!